Open Enrollment for 2019

January 14, 2019

STEM, which stands for science, technology, engineering, and math, is embedded kindergarten through 5th grade at Moore. Students apply the knowledge they gain across the curriculum to solve challenges aligned with real-world problems tied to local community issues. Moore was one of the first schools in the state to receive the prestigious Tennessee STEM School Designation. Additionally, Moore was the first Montgomery County Green Certified School.

Eligibility: CMCSS incoming kindergartner through 5th grader
Application Dates: Jan. 15 through Feb. 15
Application Link(s): Click…/1FAIpQLScKV4ZPwKTuHsWGu0…/viewform for the online application. Click…/1FAIpQLScKV4ZPwKTuHsWGu0…/viewform for a printable application.